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Housing FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about our Housing

Q: I am homeless, being evicted, or need emergency housing. Who can I call for help?

A: Montgomery County’s homeless and emergency housing assistance is provided through the Your Way Home system. Call 1-877-5643 for help through the county’s centralized system for screening and intake. Willow Grove CDC does not provide emergency or transitional housing assistance.

Q: Where can I find help in paying my rent?

A: Besides the county’s Your Way Home programs, sometimes faith-based organizations or community service organizations may be able to help on a one-time basis. Willow Grove CDC does not offer funding for emergency rental assistance.

Q: Where do I get a Housing Choice (Section 8) Voucher?

A: Contact the Montgomery County Housing Authority at 610-275-5720 or

Q: Does Willow Grove CDC place people in public housing or accept Section 8 vouchers?

A: Willow Grove CDC accepts Section 8 vouchers for its own housing, but does not place people in public housing. Contact the Housing Authority at 610-275-5720. Other subsidized housing sites in Montgomery County can be viewed at:

Q: Where can I find help for senior citizens?

A: The Montgomery County Aging and Adult Services office has information for people over age 60. Contact them at 610-278-3601.

Q: Where can I find other social service assistance?

A: Montgomery County offers Community Connections for a wide range of social service referrals. Their Willow Grove office is at the Courthouse Annex, and their phone number is 215-784-5482. The website is This shows other county locations.

Q: Does Willow Grove CDC sell its housing to low-income people?

A: No, we offer rental housing only. However we are a member of Montgomery County Partners for Homeownership; their website is Another valuable resource for prospective buyers is the county’s First-Time Homebuyer Program. See Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) has additional information on its grant and loan programs at

Q: How long are the waiting lists for Willow Grove CDC housing?

A: It’s hard to say because applicants have different needs for numbers of bedrooms, and we have limited availability. Also, some of our rental units have different income requirements or residency restrictions. For example, some of our properties are limited to Abington Township residents.

Q: How much is the rent?

A: Rents vary based on type, number of bedrooms, location, and utility allowances. However, they are always lower than area market rents for similar housing.

Q: Who pays the utilities?

A: In most cases, the tenant pays all utilities, which may include electric, gas, oil, water, sewer, and trash removal. Utility services vary by property.

Q: Where can I go for foreclosure and credit assistance

A: In PA, there is a Homeowners Emergency Housing Assistance Program (HEMAP), which can be accessed though government-certified counseling agencies. To find one of these in Montgomery County, check: Most of these agencies are also government certified to do credit counseling.

Q: Where can I get a free credit report?

A: The only federally authorized site is This site is sponsored by Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Their reports can be accessed through the site.

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