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Testimonials & Success Stories

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to live within your program housing. It has helped me grow in areas of discipline, organization and home ownership. Thanks for all you have done in helping me through this journey of life. It has also helped me to build strength, practice patience and be humble, all while pursuing goals and focusing on maintaining good health.  With much gratitude, Lena G.

I’m a tenant in one of the WGCDC low-income houses.  I like where I live and some of the things they do for their tenants. They help get a free income tax preparation service that benefits not only the tenants, but the surrounding community, they let us know when there are job fairs in the area and best of all, they help tenants get their credit in order.  With hard work and the help from our Landlord, we can work towards becoming a home owner! Keep of the good work!! A.S.O.

 I do want to gratefully thank the Willow Grove Community Development Corp. for the years I have been able to live and raise my three children. It has truly been a blessing and I am very grateful for the opportunity you gave me. Many thanks to all involved in this journey.  Dottie

I would like to begin by thanking you for the opportunity to reside in your program. I have nothing but fond memories of the help you provided as I recuperated from a divorce, maintained my current job, continued to raise my wonderful children and above all, remained sane. Through your program I was able to improve my credit score and save for home ownership. I am now a proud home owner and have referred many others to the WGCDC program. I have much appreciation for your program, hard work, dedication and staying true to my faith – We made it through.  Gratefully, Allison and Family

 This letter is to inform you we will be moving from our Hatboro home at the end of December.  I would like to thank the Corporation for everything they have done for us over the years. The Willow Grove Community Development Corp. is a wonderful program and because of them we are able to afford our own home. Sincerely, Peg & Bob

First and foremost I thank God for your organization. I believe that God places people in your life that are there for encouragement, help and understanding. The Willow Grove Development Corporation has been that to me.

Not only has my family been provided 2 beautiful homes to live in, the Corporation supplied the tools for me to take steps to clean up my credit. I was able to take advantage of two First Time Home Buyer’s Programs presented by the Corporation. The first one I didn’t finish but learned a lot about credit and what it would take to become a homeowner. I followed the steps that I was taught about budgeting and saving and now I am PROUD to say I will be closing a home sale in October.  This has always been a dream. Because of the encouragement of the programs, my dream has come true.

I would like to take this time to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being there at a time when I was in need. The staff is the best! Easy to talk to and they really care about the tenants.  Thank you again, Betsy

I am excited to share the news of becoming a homeowner! I am greatly appreciative of all the Willow Grove Community Development Corp. has provided to allow me and my family to evolve to home ownership. I will never forget this wonderful experience as Willow Grove is my birthplace and will always be my first home. Thank you again for everything!  Katrina

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